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What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It Important?

Why content marketing is needed for small businesses?

Long gone are the days when content marketing was just about creating websites and blogs. Today, from social media to infographics, there are plenty of places to market a product or service in. And in all of these avenues, having thought out content distributed consistently will only help the brand and the business.

What is content marketing?

In a very broad sense, providing the customers with valuable, relevant, and consistent content is content marketing. Content marketing helps build a loyal user base and a strong lead generation platform. Ultimately done to drive profitable customer action, content marketing helps users take informed decisions. A strong content marketing plan is to educate the leads and prospects about the products and services you offer.

At NeuralSchema InfoTech, we provide solid content support after thorough ground research. With all your demands met, we provide cost effective content marketing services.

How cost-effective is content marketing, really?

Proven to have helped in increasing sales and cutting cost, content marketing is probably the most effective long-term digital marketing strategy. Reports show that a properly put together content marketing plan costs 62% lesser than a traditional marketing campaign. There’s also three times more conversion happening. So, it’s really a win-win with just good content.

However, since a couple of years or so, content marketing has evolved from just being text content in websites and blogs.

Where can you use content to connect with your audience?

Engaging with the user base has become an important part of content marketing, at least at the top of the funnel. Having followers on social media that you can interact with, engaging with comments on a video or a blog, bringing in leads via paid ad campaigns are all part of today’s content marketing landscape.

Here are a few ways you can get your content out as a brand –

  • Have a social media space.
  • Create explainer videos.
  • Product or service-specific landing pages.
  • Images or infographics.
Marketing Strategy Connting Digital Devices Concept

How to get started with content marketing?

Creating content naturally increases the chances of being found on the internet, and as a result increase in business. Getting started is always the trickiest part. You can always reach out to us, and we’ll customize a content marketing plan for your business. To get started with, a user persona helps a lot.

  1. Developing an end to create content for is a very effective strategy. Put yourself in the shoes of the user. What would they want to head from your brand? Identify that.
  2. Set goals. Have a number. How many people do you want to reach by the end of this month? By the end of this quarter? Have solid goals to start with.
  3. What are your key performance indicators? What metrics would you prefer as an outcome of this project. Is it sign ups? Is it followers? Is it sales?
  4. Now choose how to reach these audience. From different social media platforms to email campaigns, there are a lot of ways to reach people. Which channel would you want to reach out to your user via?
  5. After you’ve decided which platform to create content for, choosing what type of content would be suitable for the user and delivering it consistently is the beginning of a solid content marketing plan.
  6. Also, do not forget to periodically measure and report the progress of your content marketing efforts and their effectiveness. CTAs are one of the best indicators of the effectiveness of the content.

You can arrive at a decently performing content marketing plan after a lot of trial and error. You might not have the bandwidth to churn out as much content. All these are practical difficulties that we are here to solve, for you. Reach out to the people at NeuralSchema Infotech for content marketing support.

Why choose NeuralSchema Infotech for your content marketing needs?

Good content is always in demand. As a brand, you must capitalize on the content requirements of your user base and educate them on their questions. This helps in building trust. We work closely with you, to understand your brand, and the market that you serve for and produce content accordingly.

Transparency, goal-driven, cost-effective, and our experience across different verticals of businesses are a few things that we bring to the table. Contact us! Let’s talk content and all things digital.

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