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5 tips for a higher website ranking in 2021

Since last year, businesses have begun to understand the importance of a strong digital presence. A good website is the first step for a brand to have a digital authority over its competition. This blog ‘Website Ranking in 2021’ will take you through the top five things you must look in to if you are getting started.

1. Mobile friendly design

Yes! One of the foremost requisites of a good website in 2021 is that it is completely mobile friendly. More than half of the traffic of the entire internet is from mobile devices, as of last year’s third quarter. 50.8%, to be precise. So, having a mobile friendly website tremendously increases your page ranking, and your business potential.

2. Clear Call To Action buttons

CTA buttons are really tricky. Do it less, and there is not enough conversion. Do it more, and your website turns into an awkward sales pitch real quick. The key is to place these CTA buttons just where you think the user would want to interact with your business directly. It is also important to have contextual text in these buttons, like “Contact us”, or “Buy Now”, or “Register”. Make sure these CTA buttons are visible, clear and place them just the right places.

3. An SEO partner to get Website Ranking in 2021

A newly built site is going to take a long time to see any traffic at all, let alone provide your business with quality leads. You can opt for paid ad campaigns for better reach, but as a site that has just started out, you will definitely need a more experienced bunch of people to help you out with optimizing your page and tracking the performance of the site. SEO is an ongoing process, remember. So, it is infinitely better to have an SEO analyst help you with building and growing your site, at least at the very beginning.

4. Chat bot

Users are no more interested in dropping a mail to your business and waiting for two to three business days for a reply. They want instantaneous response for the queries they have. So, having a chat bot, or even going as far as having a live chat window in the site might help your site visitors engage with you in real time. Having links to your social media channels will help your business a great deal as well.

5. Images, infographics, and other visual medium

People are now used to consuming content that’s more visual, and less verbal. Use a lot images, videos and infographics on your site to convey information rather than typing out paragraphs of vital information. Remember, people simply skim through content most of the time, whereas images and videos grab their attention real quick. Also, adding ALT texts to your images and infographics can help your site rank up in image searches as well!

While these 5 tips for website ranking in 2021 helps improve the rank of your website, there are a lot of other things you’ll have to meticulously do to improve your position as a brand, and as a website. These include, and are not limited to link buildings, having a network of influencers, community engagement, newsletters, analytics and reporting, etc., While all this seems complicated, with the right help, your website will grow big in no time!

Go digital, get big! Watch this space for more such tips that’ll help your brand grow leaps and bounds. Big love, Neural Schemers.

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