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3 reasons why you have to start adding videos to your webpages

Search Engine Marketing has evolved a lot from both the website’s perspective, and the search engine’s perspective. Google is not entirely transparent about what factors they use to rank websites in the search results, but a lot of marketers have come to consensus on a few things like keyword usage, backlinks from domains with authority, meta elements and a lot of others. Recently, more and more SEO experts, including the ones at Neural Schema, have agreed that videos are very important to boost your company’s SEO, and your website’s ranking. Not only do videos increase the rank and traffic, but if used right, video SEO can even help you increase your conversion! So, start adding videos to your webpages. How, you ask? Here’s how!


By 2022, videos will take up over 82% of the internet’s total traffic! Make use of all the extra traffic your website can get with video marketing.

Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and rich snippets!

The results that come up when you perform a search in your browser are called the Search Engine Results Page. Statistically, 71% to 92% of the total traffic for any keyword goes into the top three links displayed in the result page. Snippets enjoy the highest click through rates.
Since the number of people that consume video content has significantly increased, Google has now started pushing video results in webpages higher up the search results. These are called the Rich Snippets!
Especially for ‘How to start adding videos to your webpages’ searches and tutorials, Google clips videos published in YouTube, and shows them for search result. Links with a video recommendation usually have a much higher click through rate than the links without it.

Rich snippets with videos in the search result have a 26% higher CTR than a normal link in the same search position.

Lesser bounce rate!

Pages with an embedded video, or a watch video link tend to have lesser bounce rates. People also seem to spend a lot more time on these pages simply because they’re invested in watching the video. Of course, like any other medium, in video marketing as well, content is key.
With the right content, the user will stick through the entirety of the video, however the contents of the video are not crawlable by search engines. So, meta elements like video title, descriptions, alt-text and tags help the embedded video/featured videos to be picked up by the search engines while start adding videos to your webpages.

People are more likely to convert/sign up/purchase when they see a video testimony in your website!

Free backlinks!

Videos are easy to share. Especially the ones that are published using YouTube under your brand’s name. When start adding videos to your webpages, these videos can be embedded, shares as mails or messages, or even bare links. This means that whenever you come up with viral video to market your brand, and the video gets shared around,  or every time the video that you made is shared, your brand’s website gets exposure and linked to as well, thus building a bunch of backlinks that you never intended to create.

Always add a watermark or a brand logo to your video. You never know when your videos can go viral!


Here are a few things you’ll have to do to have a successful video SEO practice and to start adding videos to your webpages!

  • Mention your target keywords on all the meta elements of the video.
  • Content is key! So, keep the audience engaged throughout the video. A good completion rate means a great video!
  • Always start with a video script and a story board.
  • CC helps you video reach a bigger audience beyond language barriers.

You will have to meticulously invest time and effort to plan, document, prepare for, create, edit and publish the videos that you create in-order to enjoy the fruits of your labour when it comes to video SEO. Or, you can simply HIRE US to do it all for you!
Yes. As a digital marketing company, we’ve create a lot of marketing videos and educational videos for our clients. These videos have helped them drive a lot more traffic than their competitors. These videos also give the visitor a lot of trust, thus you’ll enjoy more traffic, more click through rate, and finally, a higher ROI and conversions.
That’s all about video SEO and how impactful videos are on the page’s SEO performance. Keep watching this space for more digital marketing stuff, and until next time, adios!
Start adding videos to your webpages and Follow us on our social media spaces – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Let us know in the comments what you think about the video SEO and the role of videos in SEO.

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